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Key emotional needs for children

According to Dr Vicky Flory, there are seven key emotional needs that all children have regardless of their age or cultural background:

  • to have a secure relationship with a parent or other caregiver
  • to receive help with managing their emotions
  • to receive emotional support, particularly when they are experiencing difficulties
  • to have a sense of belonging
  • to feel loved
  • to feel accepted and approved of
  • to have clear expectations, routines, and boundaries.

Read more at the link below;



Did you know?: Health benefits of lentils

Lentils are yummy and so versatile. Can be added to stews, soups, salads and lots more. Leroy is really enjoying them at the moment which is great as I know he’s getting lots of goodness from them!

Here are a few health benefits from eating lentils; more information can be found at the links below.

• protect the heart
• regulate blood sugar levels
• slow energy release
• protein packed
• great source of vitamin B
• loaded with iron

Recipe for vegetable & lentil curry

Did you know?: Health Benefits of Pineapple!

How much do you know about Pineapple?

An article in the January edition of Health works opened my eyes to what an amazing fruit pineapple is with all of its health benefits. The 3 main benefits outlined in the article were;

  • The fruit contains tryptophan which triggers the release of serotonin.
  • Contains Bromelain, an enzyme with digestive and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Packed with vitamins and 16 minerals.

Pineapples are generally available all year round with the best value being from November to February. Pineapple recipes can be found at the below link from Australian Pineapples.



Iodine deficiency in babies and children

Yesterday my mother found 2 articles in both the Melbourne and Sydney newspapers discussing ‘Iodine Deficiency in Australia’. The issue is very serious, especially for babies and children. A couple of years ago (after a call from my mother) we switched to iodised salt at home to increase our intake of iodine. Iodised rock salt is available from the supermarket.

Please see the link below from better health that explains the issue in detail.

‘Iodine is important for hormone development. It is found in dairy products, seafood, kelp, eggs, bread, some vegetables and iodised salt. A lack of dietary iodine can cause an enlarged thyroid gland (goitre) or other iodine deficiency disorders including mental retardation in children. Pregnant women need higher levels of iodine.’ Better Health

Don’t try to get your child to eat?

Another good article on ‘not trying to get children to eat’. Some great tips, I have definitely been going about some things the wrong way.

Article by family food works found at the below site.

Family food works have a great blog on kids & food. Run by Eve Reed who is a pediatric dietitian, her blog has many great articles about food for kids based on her industry knowledge.

Which milk for children?

Interesting article on ‘which milk for children’.

We use A2 full cream milk at home, we found it includes all the good fats children need and is the best supermarket option available.

Which brands of yoghurts are the best for you?

In my family we eat yoghurt everyday so I decided to research a little more into the types of yoghurts that are available in Australia. Looks like the brands Jalna & Vaalia get the thumbs up! A little more expensive but a lot more nutritional. I will definitely make the switch. Link below to great Roy Morgan research article found at the food coach website.


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